Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hold Up

 Sorry for not posting in two weeks. Nobody cares anyway ahahah. Well, this was just a quick shot I did with my cousin. It was funny tho. So, I set my camera in wrong mode. I was all dark and I didn't realize. I just realized it after I took more than 30 pics. It hurt, tho. So I just started all over again.

Photos by Caihong

  1. Hair tie, Heartwarmer
  2. Sweater, Acoa
  3. Dress, DIY
  4. Socks, Bobson
  5. Shoes, Adorable Projects

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Indonesia Raya

So, yesterday was Indonesia's independence day. This is my independence day's outfit. Red and white, just like Indonesia's flag.
Yesterday night, 5cm movie was on tv. It was a really good movie. It shows what a friendship really is and tells us to love our country. That movie shows the beauty of Indonesia. I'm so in love with that movie.
I don't really like this outfit, tho. I don't like wearing pants. I prefer dresses. But, well, I hope you like it and happy 68th birthday, Indonesia. I love you <3 p="" xoxo="">

Photos by Caihong

  1. Nerdy Glasses, Istiulous
  2. Red Jacket, Benny's
  3. White Tank Top
  4. White Jeans, Uniqlo
  5. Boots

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday Morning

Ied mubarak to you, guys! Forgive me for all my mistakes! I think I'm gonna post my Ied photo diary later. That's my first photo diary, btw.
I took this photo a long time ago. I was fasting and I was totally thirsty but it's worth it.
I love this vintage dress soooo much. My cousin gave it to me :D
I just hope you like this summer outfit <3 p="">

Photos by Toilet and Bahar

  1. Hat, Istiulous
  2. Dress
  3. Bag, Malioboro
  4. Sandals, Donatello

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Best of Both World

Another studio photos. My friend--Rara--and I were going to Tustel to get some shots for something. it's really embarrassing. It didn't work out as we planned. But yeah, these are some pics that I chose to be posted here.
The photographer was so damn silly that we couldn't stop laughing. It was fun :)
I'm now having sore throat and cold. My nose feels so uncomfy. I sneeze all the time. The weather is just being weird lately :/

Photos by A Silly Photographer at Tustel

  1. Spike Headband, ISTIULOUS
  2. Shirt
  3. Skirt, DIY
  4. Platform, Adorable