Monday, March 19, 2018

I Knew You were Trouble

 Hello, fellas! How have you been? I've been having cold with headache for few days but I'm getting better. The weather was also not pretty good today. Rain and thunder. It made me lazy to do everything. How's the weather in the place you live in? It's raining almost everyday here in Indonesia.
This cafe on my photos is so pretty right? It's all pink. I've been there twice and I still think it's cute. The name is also cute. It's called Please Please Please. My pink shirt matches the cafe well. This place is famous on Instagram. Lots of Indonesian insta famous took pictures here. The food are also good.
These photos were taken long time ago. My hair is longer now. I have so many photos to post but I have many more distractions. Especially lately, Robert (my laptop)--I like to name my stuff--is being annoying. He's too old, I guess. I've been having him since 10th grade and now I am finishing university.
This week will be pretty interesting for me because on Saturday, I'll have my uni graduation! I am so excited to be graduated but also sad because it'll be difficult to see my friends (it already is, though). I am also excited to be wearing the dress that I'm making. I'll show you the graduation pictures! :D
Have a wonderful week, everyone! xx

Friday, March 02, 2018


 Beret Istiulous | Coat Thrifted | T-Shirt Adidas | Jeans H&M | Boots H&M

Hello. So happy that I get to blog. I don't have much to do and I have many pictures to post so I am trying my best to post regularly and be productive. Lately, I've been designing and sewing my dress (kebaya) for graduation. I am so happy that I can design, sew, and wear it myself. Even though my major is Pastry and Hotel Management, my passion is art especially fashion design. Even before I finished my thesis, I already started designing my graduation dress! Haha.
These pictures were taken in the morning which was surprising because I could wake up early since I have messed sleeping schedule. It is almost 3 in the morning here and I am still awake blogging. I could post it tomorrow but I might be lazy tomorrow.
These are really rare pictures of me wearing jeans--skinny jeans. Not that I hate/dislike them, it is just I don't feel good wearing them. I feel like my body shape is just not good for skinny jeans. I think girls can relate to this kind of situation where we think we look so ugly in something even though other people do not think so. People don't even care about what we wear.
But anyways, wear anything you want. Anything you're comfy with. You look best when you feel comfortable, don't you think so?
P. S. Sorry for the greasy hair XD

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Body Shop - Hand Cream & Body Lotion

 Hello from the jobless woman here! Hahaha. Guys! I'll be graduating on March 24th! Woohoo. Time flies sooooo fast.
I've been MIA from blogging because, I am just enjoying my time. I've been wanting to post this since forever ago. I've been using these products for about few months--they're almost run out now. I really really like them! I got them from my sister-in-law.
They smell amazing and make my skin feel soooo smooth. The mango scent from the lotion smells so delicious and I always get compliment because of it. It's also perfect for my dry skin. I also really really like the shea scent of the handcream. It smells calming and nice. It makes my dry hands so moisturized and smooth and smell nice.
I really like these products!!! I never take the hand cream out of my purse.
What are the lotion and hand cream that you use? :)

Monday, January 01, 2018

Thesis Defense 15/12/17

 Hello 2018!
2017 flew really fast! So many memories in 2017. One of the things I achieved in 2017 is finishing my thesis and having thesis defense! After months and months writing it, it's finally over! Well, not really. I still have to do some revision lol.
But I am no longer a student! I'm graduated (not officially). It's kinda a relief and scary at the same time. I don't have to do homework, assignment, group project, thesis, etc. but at some point it scares me that now I'm facing the real world. I have to look for a job and become an adult. But I am also excited. Since I love traveling and moving places, I wanna work far from home.
Anyways, on the day of my thesis defense, my boyfriend and my friends come to my campus (some of them were having thesis defense too) and they brought me flowers! My boyfriend even brought me the crown and 'sash.
I took some pictures with my boyfriend, friends, and even one of the examiners. I also took some pictures in front of the bus stop and in front of the restaurant near my campus. It's called Suharti which is pretty similar to my last name which is Sugiharti. And I even asked my boyfriend to take some photos at my place. I was so happy!
Let's make 2018 the best year yet!