Saturday, March 07, 2015

Really Don't Care

 Hello! How are you doing? I am still on semester break and waiting for my internship. It's not a spring break.
Since it's spring already, the weather kinda warms up a little bit. Actually, it was really warm for few days then the temperature dropped again. And it's raining again.
Since I live in a tropical country, I can't see cherry blossoms bloom here. But I really wanna see it because I think it's really pretty!
The shirt that I wore in these pictures was actually my mom's--that's why it's kinda big on me. But then I saw it and I claimed it as mine. Fortunately, she didn't mind that! XD
Have a beautiful spring, everyone! <

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Hellooooowwwww! How are you doing?
If you noticed on my previous post, I bleached my hair. I actually didn't mean to bleach it like that. The thing is, I dyed it purple but it was not the purple I wanted. It was like black purple-ish. So, I bleached it but it turned out to be good.
The day was really sunny when I took these pictures. I took these picture at my friend's campus. This building is an old Dutch building and is kinda popular here. My friend and I weren't the only ones taking picture there. The building is nice, tho.
And I really like my pants that I wore in these pictures. It's pants but it looks like a skirt and I also like the color.

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Monday, February 09, 2015

Trans Studio Bandung 06/02/15

On Friday, My friend and I went to Trans Studio Bandung because there's a promo Buy One Get One for college students, except on weekends.
We rode almost all of the rides there. Because it was not weekend, so there were not that many people and the lines to the ride were not really long.
We watched Special Effects Stunt Action and Super Heroes 4D. We rode Jelajah, Vertigo, Giant Swing, and others. It was really fun. We also went to Science Center but we didn't really try anything there because there were many school kids on their school trips.
This theme park is actually a little bit different because it's indoor. It has cute interior design. There are some different themes inside. Magic Corner that looks like in Harry Potter, the Lost City like in Amazon and Pirates of Caribbean, Hollywood, etc.
And at about 4 pm, there was a costume parade. They dressed in cute and sparkling costumes and they danced. It was pretty.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You Sound Good to Me

This is my first post in 2015! It's a new chapter, guy!
I've been kinda busy lately with college. It's fun yet really tiring. And I also have to face exams next week :(
I don't know but I really like this outfit. Well, I just basically like winter outfit. I didn't plan to take pictures with an umbrella but it was raining that day so I used it. And, I didn't know why my hair flew on that picture.
They are actually not knee high socks. They were tights that I cut but it doesn't look bad, right? XD

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