Monday, June 04, 2018

Little Do You Know

Hello, everyone! How have you been? I hope you are doing great. You must be excited because of summer and summer break. I've been in a long break since December and it kinda drives me insane. Not having specific activities is bad, I guess. But luckily, I got accepted for a job even though I'm just gonna start on July. Still great because I can set my mind to that.
In one of the photos, I held some balloons. Those are foil balloon written 10K. My best friend and I used the balloon for her photoshoot because at that time she reached 10K subscriber on her YouTube channel. Click here to check her out. She already has more tha 60K subs now and there are some videos with me too! :D
This photos were taken at my fave mall called PVJ specifically Game Master. I love arcade so freaking much! Everytime I visit a mall, I always visit arcade game. Whichever and wherever and whenever. It's just my happy place. Do you guys also play? What's your fave game? Mine is Pump It Up!

Thursday, May 10, 2018


So... I actually wanted to post this on May 8th because that's my birthday but something happened that made me MIA for 2 days.
Two days ago was my birthday and I took these pictures two days before it. I liked birthday because I thought it was that one day in a year where I can be 24 hours happy and focusing on me. Like, I was not expecting my happiness from someone else. I prepared anything for myself. I even looked for and bought those big balloons on my own. I went out with my best friends, ate my fave food, went to karaoke, played some arcade game, etc. It was so much fun and I felt super happy. One of my best friends is super busy but she made time for me and even surprised me with cakes etc.
22 birthday was the birthday I've been waiting for because... I don't know exactly but maybe because of Taylor Swift's song? I wanted to do photoshoot for my birthday and I did it. This year must be special and even more special than years before, I thought.
The other years before, I always expected something from my family, friends, and boyfriend. Expecting them to come surprise me. But this year, I am trying to independent. I am not expecting anything from them. Instead, I took them for a lunch with me, not waiting for them to come to me. I am trying my best not to rely on someone else.
I thought that day was gonna be perfect until I go to bed but you know a saying "When you think it can't get better, it can. When you think it can't get worse, it can."
I thought by not expecting anything, nothing was gonna disappoint me. But... it could.
P.S. Thanks to my best friends who gave me big group hugs at PVJ parking lot. We were like Teletubbies LOL XD

Friday, April 27, 2018

University Graduation 24/03/18

 I am graduated! Finally! After almost 4 years, I finally got my degree! I know it was a month ago but I just post it now. My laptop is broken :( I am even using my housemate's now.
But anyways, my name is become Isti Sugiharti Amd. Par. I got Associate degree in tourism. The graduation day was pretty overwhelming. Happy and sad at the same time. Also because there were so many people, it was super hectic and crowded. I couldn't even take photos with most of my close friends. There are lots of families and friends of the graduates that came.
My best friends also came and I was so happy because they spent their time in a crowd to find me.
The photos are not in good quality because we were not allowed to take photos and bring camera inside so I just used my phone and took selfies.
The black brocade to I wore is called Kebaya (national clothing) and I made it myself. I sew it until the night before. Until 2 in the morning and I ended up waking up late. Thanks to Madam who came to my place at 5:15 in the morning to do my hair and I woke up because of her knock. I also did my own make up.
But anyways, it's time to face the real world now. Real job to continue life. These 4 years were so amazing. Such a challengeing roller coaster ride.
Thank you guys so much and see you on top! Love you loadsss! <3 p="">

Monday, March 19, 2018

I Knew You were Trouble

 Hello, fellas! How have you been? I've been having cold with headache for few days but I'm getting better. The weather was also not pretty good today. Rain and thunder. It made me lazy to do everything. How's the weather in the place you live in? It's raining almost everyday here in Indonesia.
This cafe on my photos is so pretty right? It's all pink. I've been there twice and I still think it's cute. The name is also cute. It's called Please Please Please. My pink shirt matches the cafe well. This place is famous on Instagram. Lots of Indonesian insta famous took pictures here. The food are also good.
These photos were taken long time ago. My hair is longer now. I have so many photos to post but I have many more distractions. Especially lately, Robert (my laptop)--I like to name my stuff--is being annoying. He's too old, I guess. I've been having him since 10th grade and now I am finishing university.
This week will be pretty interesting for me because on Saturday, I'll have my uni graduation! I am so excited to be graduated but also sad because it'll be difficult to see my friends (it already is, though). I am also excited to be wearing the dress that I'm making. I'll show you the graduation pictures! :D
Have a wonderful week, everyone! xx