Monday, August 17, 2015

When I'm Missing You

 Happy August 17th! Happy Independence Day, Indonesia! 70th year of Independence!
I miss you so damn much, Indonesia and it's 21 days left till I am home.
It's really sad that I am not in Indonesia right now because nobody celebrates it here. Plain and boring. Nothing. So, I decided to wear this dress for this post. Red and white like Indonesia's flag.
But the day I took these pictures, it was kinda cold because it was raining before. And my dress is sleeveless soooo I wore a jacket. The jacket is actually not mine. It's my friend's and she's the one who always takes my pictures for my blog while I am in Malaysia. And the jacket is actually our university's jacket. You can see NHI logo on the second picture and that's my univeristy's name.
You know, my shoes are damaged after this shoot because I wore it in the water. So, the soles were kinda getting off. I need glue to fix it.
And do you know When I'm Missing You song by A1? The lyrics are so me right now. Counting on the day till I'm home again.
So, yeah. I miss you Indonesia and can't wait to be back home soon <3 p="">

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Friday, July 24, 2015

When I Look At You

 Belated Eid Mubarak, people! Forgive me for all my mistakes!
It was really sad that I couldn't celebrate it with my family but I was so grateful I could celebrate it with a family that I met here. They're awesome and so lovely <3 p="">
Actually, I took these photos a long time ago--before even the one on my previous post--but I just got to post it tonight.
I was really busy that I'll just get my day off tomorrow.
Have an awesome weekend, everyone! xx

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave

 I know the title of this post is long but it's the title of the song that I've been listening a lot lately. It's an old song but it's good and I really like it. It's a Korean song and it's difficult to sing along with that song.
I think this is the first indoor photoshoot I ever did--except the ones in studio. It's Ramadhan and people are fasting and it's really hot outside so I decided to do the photoshoot inside of my dorm.
So yeah, this is my dorm. I got a triple. And it's pretty messy in here--just my side tho because the other two are tidy people.
Actually I was all sweaty because the temperature was about 33 degree celcius and it's not air conditioned. We only have a fan hanging on our ceiling.
Sometimes when I'm staying in my room, I feel like I'm steamed lol.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Best Mistake

 Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims in the world!
It's really sad that I can't celebrate it with my family because of this internship thing. Honestly, it doesn't even feel like Ramadhan here. I miss my family and neighborhood so much.
But Ramadhan is about trying to control ourselves and be patient so it's also one of the challenges.
When I have a bad day or I'm in a bad mood or feeling homesick, I just take a walk on the beach and stare at the ocean. It feels so calming.
I really like this top! I feel so lucky when I found it. So perfect for the beach and the weather here!
Lying down on the big rock is one of my fave things to do here. Especially after work. Because work is usually tiring and stressing.
I actually don't have much to say for this post. So, happy Ramdhan, guys!

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