Sunday, September 22, 2013

Keep It Real

The jacket is too big, right? Because that's my dad's! I was confused what to wear to match this dress then I decided to borrow my daddy's jacket and my hair looks kinda brunette here.
Guys, lately my mom keeps tel
ling me to focus on my study instead of blogging and stuffs. Because now I'm a senior in high school and I need to go to college. But I don't like studying school's subjects. They're all totally boring!!!

Photos by Caihong

  1. Spike headband, ISTIULOUS
  2. Dress, PeaceBird
  3. Jacket, Levi's
  4. Boots

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stop Standing There

Hey, guys. I hope you're all fine. I'm kinda sick :'( I got a cold since I went swimming on Wednesday. Last night I felt sooooo sick. Cold, stomachache, headache, and sore throat. Nice combination, huh?
But in the morning I forced myself to do this photoshoot because I haven't posted anything for two weeks. I've been busy with school.
Well, actually there were 4 Koreans came to my school to volunteer. They taught IT and Culture and I joined their classes so yeah, that's why I've been busy. They are all awesome. It was a teary moment when they went back to Korea.
Sorry, my shoes are dirty. I haven't washed it xD and the glassed... it's not actually glasses. No lenses there. It's just the frame.

Photos by Caihong

  1. Glasses, gift from my cousin :D
  2. Top, Mods
  3. Skirt, Istiulous
  4. Stocking, Istiulous
  5. Floral Oxford Shoes, Adorable