Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cosmic Diner 18/06/16

 It's been more than a month since the last time I posted something here. Work's been tiring and a bit stressful and most of all, I just had nothing to post. I'm only having one day off in a week because I keep my another days off so I can go home for a week.
But last week, my boyfriend and I went out because we had the same day off. We planned to go to Taman Nusa--a cultural place--but we were late because we stayed too long for lunch at this diner.
I've wanted to come to this diner since a while ago--I found it on Instagram--and he made it happen.
The food we had were Chicken Parmigiana (his) and Mamma Mia Burger (mine). They were amazing. My drink was called Tom John (I guess)--it was made of strawberry, mago puree, and orange juice with mint leaves on top--and his was strawberry milkshake--fresh strawberry and milk topped with whipped cream. I don't know but I think they use fresh ingredients because the taste was just different and our drinks were so refreshing. I think that's what makes them kinda pricey. But we love them anyway.
You can find Cosmic Diner at Lippo Mall and Dewi Sri cross road if you go to Bali. The place is small but it's soooo cute. Looks like real American diner--even cuter. It's totally recommended.
You can take me if you wanna go there. Haha
And we filmed a litte video of us when we were there. Go check it out. Xx