Saturday, December 09, 2017

Better in Time

 T-shirt Thrifted | Skort Shiley | Robe H&M | Sandals Payless

Hello, fellas! I can't believe it is almost New Year already. It feels like I just celebrated New Year's 2017 yesterday! Time flies soooo fast which means we enjoy the moment even though sometimes it gets hard lol.
Anyways, I finally finished my thesis and the defense will be on Friday, Dec 15th! OMG! I should be nervous but I'm not. Maybe I will on d-day. Hopefully everything goes fine and I'll get good grades. Did anyone here have thesis defense already? If so, how was it like? My friends told me that the professors will ask you bunches of difficult question and try to bring you down. I guess, that's what professors always do.
The robe I was wearing is soooo big but it turned out to look pretty cool and I liked it! It was my friend's (the one on photos). Like when you think your clothes are too simple, adding coat/robe can make it look fancier in my opinion.
Happy weekend, guys! xx

Friday, November 24, 2017

Say Something

Dress Thrifted | Leather jacket Zara | Bryan's shirt Topman

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! People here actually don't celebrate it lol. Anyways, I have deadline to finish my thesis before November 30th! I need to hurry but I got it handled haha. I actually get distracted a lot. I am not the kind of person who can do only one thing for a very long time. But deadline is such a good motivation.
I actually took these photos long long time ago. I thought these pictures were deleted because I couldn't find it on my laptop. I was really upset and sad for few days until I checked my hard drive and there they were. I didn't think it was on my hard drive because I always moved my photos to laptop from camera then to hard drive from laptop. But thankfully, they were there.
This place is really popular here. It has nice interior and exterior. They also serve good food and nice coffees. I don't really drink coffee actually. Not that I don't like the taste, I just always get nausea after drinking it. But once in a while I like to enjoy iced caramel macchiato even though I have to suffer afterwards lol.
Hope everyone have a great Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it and Black Friday which everyone celebrates haha

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

10 Handsomest Men

10. Leonardo di Caprio 

I mean, who doesn't love young Leo? His role in Titanic is just indescribable. I rate him as number 10 because I like the young him not now. Especially now he always goes for young girls like Bella Hadid who's even younger than me (just my opinion). But young Leo is just so damn hot.

 9. Doughlas Booth

First time I saw him was in LOL movie and when he sang (lipsync) "Heart on Fire", my just just melt! He looks like a nice kinda bad boy and I love it!

 8. Dylan Sprouse

I mean someone from Disney childhood would definitely love him, right? I know some people like Cole more, but I am team Dylan.

7. Kang Ha Neul

When I watched Heirs (Korean drama), instead of obsessed with Lee Min Ho and Kim Wo Bin, I preferred him. He looks cool and calm. His role in some other movies and dramas are just as perfect! 

6. Jordan Henrion
 He's a journalist and fashion blogger. I found him on Instagram, I guess and his face is just... I mean look at him!

5. Adam Gallagher
He's always on the front page of and no wonder because his style, photo, and face are just gorgeous!

4. Leon David

I also found him on LookBook,nu. I was so obsessed with him (still am!) that I started blogging. He's the reason I started this blog hahaha

3. Josh Hutcherson

My love for him comes and goes. But recently I re-watched The Hunger Games series, and I fell for Peeta Mellark again. I mean, when you like an actor, sometimes it is because of his role, right?

2. Zac Efron

High School Musical explains it all.

1. Elijah Wood

 Frodo Baggins! I'd been obsessed with him since I was in 7th grade. My obsession with him was off for few years but now, it's on again. I recently watched his videos on YouTube, I feel like he never gets old. He looks the same. His blue eyes, nose, and lips are just so perfect!


So, I'm into guys with deep-set eyes and who dress tidy and kinda formal instead of ripped jeans and snapback kinda guys. I think guys who dress like that are just classy and hot. Actually the idea of posting something like this just popped out in my head. It's not even fashion or makeup or food haha so I just put it on my wishlist category because theses guys are just ugh!
Everything I wrote about them are just my opinion and this post is just for fun :D

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tell Me A Lie

 Blazer Nice Claup | Top Thrifted | Pants Thrifted | Boots H&M

Hello, everyone! I wish I could post regularly but I couldn't. I have no excuse. I actually got few things to post but I always got distracted. Especially recently when I started to learn how to play Dota 2. Is anybody here a gamer? Anybody here play dota?
 Dota 2 is really addictive for me. Like, I wanna play it all the time and it made me stay up all night and sleep late. I know that it is not good but it's really fun!
Anyways, this outfit is something I'll wear when I work in the office or when I have an interview. These photos are featured with my friend's little brother who likes fashion too and currently studying fashion (how lucky!), You should check him out (click here). When I visited my brother in Jakarta we decided to meet and have photoshoot. My friend--his sister--took there photos. She never really took this kind on photos but it turned out really good :D
Hopefully I will be able to post regularly and start doing my thesis lol.
Have great day! 

Tuesday, August 08, 2017


 Leather Jacket ZARA | White Top ZARA | Stripped Pants Thrifted

Hello, friends (if you consider me as your friends anyways haha)! So, I was about to post yesterday night but the thing is I was home at around 7 pm and at 7:45 pm I planned to take a nap for an hour or two because I woke up early in the morning and only had few hours of sleep the night before. And... I ended up woke up at 10:45 this morning. I slept for 15 hours guyyyysssssss. That was insane. But I once slept longer than that actually.
When I woke up, I had really bad headache and my throat felt really bad. Taking too much sleep is not good, I think. I drank my med and feel a lot better now. I am actually really sleepy as I am writing this but I'll cope, lol.
So, this place is a Korean Restaurant that has really cute design. We felt like we were in Korea for real because they are also renting Hanbok. I was actually confused to categorize this post as outfit or photo diary. But I'll just use both labels and name it like an outfit post. The title is in Korean which means lovesick and that is Girls' Generation's song. I just feel like writing the title in Korean haha.
This place is really famous because it's cheaper than other Korean barbeque restaurants and we were the 12th on waiting list! We had to wait for 11 tables to finish! But it was fine because I used the time to take the pictures lol.
I actually have to wake up early tomorrow at 7:30 am. That's super early for me because I'm used to waking up at at least 1 pm and it's already 1:26 am now here! So I think that's it for now and...
Good night! xx