Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Don't Dream It's Over

 Hellooooooooooooo blogging world! I miss you! How long I'd been not here that I just realized Blogspot changed its view. Long story short, I didn't have time to take pictures and on computer.
 I'm in junior year of university now so I've been so tired of school work. There is no a day without assignment. After campus, I'll be tired and lazy just to turn the computer on.
But few weeks back, Madam (she's back from Thailand!) and I did a photoshoot together. We never took picture here. She suggested it and it turned out really good! We took picture in the afternoon instead of morning like we usually do but the lighting went good.
Hope I'll be posting here frequently again like before and I hope you guys have a great winter!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Can't Stop the Feeling

 Hello after a long long time didn't show up here. I missed blogging so much and I've got some stuffs to post but I don't know, I was just not in the mood for blogging. Some of me wanted to blog as often as before but some just wanted to do other things.
I've finished my internship in Bali since August 16th and I left Bali on the next day. I took a flight from Bali to Yogyakarta to visit my lovely friend Kak Ica (the girl on the picture) and I just needed some holiday. We visited some cool places.
Yogyakarta is famous of its art. Many of walls on the street are covered by cool graffities. So, Kak Ica and I decided to take some photos in front of them. I'd really love to go back to Yogyakarta and travel some more!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cosmic Diner 18/06/16

 It's been more than a month since the last time I posted something here. Work's been tiring and a bit stressful and most of all, I just had nothing to post. I'm only having one day off in a week because I keep my another days off so I can go home for a week.
But last week, my boyfriend and I went out because we had the same day off. We planned to go to Taman Nusa--a cultural place--but we were late because we stayed too long for lunch at this diner.
I've wanted to come to this diner since a while ago--I found it on Instagram--and he made it happen.
The food we had were Chicken Parmigiana (his) and Mamma Mia Burger (mine). They were amazing. My drink was called Tom John (I guess)--it was made of strawberry, mago puree, and orange juice with mint leaves on top--and his was strawberry milkshake--fresh strawberry and milk topped with whipped cream. I don't know but I think they use fresh ingredients because the taste was just different and our drinks were so refreshing. I think that's what makes them kinda pricey. But we love them anyway.
You can find Cosmic Diner at Lippo Mall and Dewi Sri cross road if you go to Bali. The place is small but it's soooo cute. Looks like real American diner--even cuter. It's totally recommended.
You can take me if you wanna go there. Haha
And we filmed a litte video of us when we were there. Go check it out. Xx

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bedugul Lake 01/05/16

I'm so sad that I didn't post on my birthday. I used to to post an outfit post for my birthday but this year, I didn't. I really wanted to but nobody took my picture before but on birthday my friend came over and was willing to take my photos but I got sick. I felt so sick. My head was aching really bad and my breath felt so heavy and even though Bali is freaking hot but I was shaking because I felt cold. And I also ran out of my med. I planned to celebrate my birthday by hanging out all day but I ended up laying down on my bed all day.
But it was great, though, because in the midnight, I got surprise from Bryan--the guy on the picture. He knocked my door brought a cake. It was really sweet of him. But after that, we stayed up till 4 in the morning and drank some coffee. Maybe that was the reason why I got sick.
Well, on May 1st, Bryan and I got the same day off and we decided to go to Bedugul Lake. It took about one and a half hour by motorcycle from where we live. I live close to the beach soooo it's really hot and barely raining. Bedugul is on the mountain sooo it was really cold and it rained few times. We got wet because we rode motorcycle to get there.
The place was beautiful. If you know 50,000 Indonesian money, you'll see that this place is the picture of the money. We couldn't take many pictures because he's not familiar with photography thing.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Birthday Wishlist

Hollaaaaaaa!!! You know, it's only one week away from my birthday! It's on May 8th. I am so excited but I also feel so old already hahahha.
Well, just in case you want to give me birthday present but you don't know what to give me, so I'm posting this as clue. Haha! So, here it is:
  1. Victorinox Kitchen Knife Set - because I enjoy cooking a lot and Victorinox knives are just the most comfy knives I've ever used but I don't own any of them because I just the ones that the hotel provides.
  2. Polaroid Camera - just any polaroid cameras. It doesn't have to that one--instax is also good--but that one would be the best haha. I was not interested in polaroid at all until recently someone on Instagram posted cute polaroid pictures of her and he boyfriend. I don't know either I want a polaroid camera or a boyfriend XD
  3. DSLR Remote - it's hard to find someone who wants/can take my pictures and self-timer is kinda tiring so I need it.
  4. Zara's Biker Leather Jacket - I've been wanting this jacket for a long long long time ago. The time I had money, Zara didn't have it. The time I don't have money, Zara has it. Like now :(
  5. GoPro Hero 4 - just like polaroid camera, it doesn't have to GoPro Hero 4. Xiaomi Yi would be okay, too. Not that much different. I wasn't interested in action camera too before but I'm now in Bali and I wanna do water sports and record them. I don't have waterproof housing for my DSLR camera, but I don't mind getting that waterproof case, tho. Still, DSLR camera would be handful even though the quality is much better than action cam so for now I prefer action camera.
  6. Snorkel and Mask - I like snorkeling sooo sooo sooo much and I want to own the equipment so I don't have to rent them and I can snorkel anytime I want.
  7. Automatic Toothbrush - I like brushing my teeth but sometimes my arms are lazy so I want it haha.
  8. Vacuum Cleaner - I hate dust and I'm lazy to sweep because the dust are flying.
  9. Doc. Marten's - my dream shoes. Black 8 hole Doc. Marten's Boots. I want it sooo bad but I can't afford it and my parents won't buy them for me :(
  10. Wetsuit - I'm not bikini or onepiece kind of girl because I don't feel comfy wearing sexy clothes so I want a wetsuit.
  11. Giant Teddy Bear - I have George--my fave teddy bear ever--but I just want the giant one to sleep or sit or lean on.
  12. Fins - I love snorkeling and yellow is just my fave color.
  13. Luggage - I have big yellow suitcase but it's so big. I'm gonna go home for a week on July to celebrate Eid Al-Fitri so I need the small or medium one.
  14. Helmet - it doesn't have to be yellow. Black or white would be fine too. I've fined once because I didn't wear helmet. Each of my friends only has one helmet so everytime we want to drive, I have to borrow people's helmet.
  15. That Dress - I don't know where that dress is from. I forgot. It has been on my laptop since a long time ago and that dress is one of the most beautiful dress I've ever seen. It just love it from the first sight. I just wanna wear it even though I may not look good in it. I just want it so bad!
There are so many things I want haha. It is just for fun even though I'll be really totally happy if someone gives me them. A girl can dream, right?
And anyway, on my long ago Food Display post, I said I'll make the video of the event. I posted that video on my YouTube channel a long time ago but I forgot to mention it on my blog. So, go check it out!
D-7 till my birthday!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sanur 22/03/16

Hey, guys! It's finally my day off! I did my laundry, cleaned my room, and had a long shower. And now it's time to chill with Robert a.k.a. my laptop! I was frustated because I had nothing to post but then I remebered that on March 22nd my friends and I had the same day off and we went to Sanur to see the sunrise.
We went to Sanur at 5 in the morning! But it was all worth it. The view was sooooo beathtaking! The colors are just stunning.There were also many crabs watching the sunrise. My friend, Seno--the tall guy--and I tried to take couple pictures because our heights look good as silhouettes but we ended up laughing because it was just so funny. The pictures turned out nice, actually. We looked like a really happy couple haha.
After the sunrise, we went to my place. And you know what? A cop stopped our scooter--we went by 2 scooters, anyway--and we got fined because I didn't wear helmet and my friend didn't have his license with him. It was the first time I got fined. It was a bit shocking but I also found it funny. I couldn't stop laughing. But well, memories in Bali, right? Haha.
I really miss posting outfit pictures, like seriously :(
Anyways, have a nice weekend, everyone! <3 br="">

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Make A Wave

 Top Lowrys Farm | Shorts Reebok | Round Shades Istiulous

Hello! Long time no see. When was the last time I posted here? More than 2 weeks ago? I am so sad that I can't post every week. I have nothing to post.
But anyway, my weeks had been up and down. Some awful things happened but some beautiful things also happened. I am always trying to be positive about things even though it's really difficult. But everything happens for a reason, eaither it's a blessing or a lesson, right? I am just trying to be grateful for everything because a lot of people have a lot worse.
Maybe about two weeks ago, my friend and I went to Tanah Lot. There were so many people there so we couldn't really take pictures and we decided to go to a beach nearby. At first, the beach was kinda quiet and didn't look that pretty. But when the sun was setting, people were coming and the view was soooooo breathtaking!
I would love to lay down there and watch the sun sets but I couldn't do that because there are sooooo many dogs. And I am afraid of dogs.