Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sanur 22/03/16

Hey, guys! It's finally my day off! I did my laundry, cleaned my room, and had a long shower. And now it's time to chill with Robert a.k.a. my laptop! I was frustated because I had nothing to post but then I remebered that on March 22nd my friends and I had the same day off and we went to Sanur to see the sunrise.
We went to Sanur at 5 in the morning! But it was all worth it. The view was sooooo beathtaking! The colors are just stunning.There were also many crabs watching the sunrise. My friend, Seno--the tall guy--and I tried to take couple pictures because our heights look good as silhouettes but we ended up laughing because it was just so funny. The pictures turned out nice, actually. We looked like a really happy couple haha.
After the sunrise, we went to my place. And you know what? A cop stopped our scooter--we went by 2 scooters, anyway--and we got fined because I didn't wear helmet and my friend didn't have his license with him. It was the first time I got fined. It was a bit shocking but I also found it funny. I couldn't stop laughing. But well, memories in Bali, right? Haha.
I really miss posting outfit pictures, like seriously :(
Anyways, have a nice weekend, everyone! <3 br="">


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  2. Love the pictures of the sunset! :)

  3. Looks like a great time!


  4. Oh very wonderful pics, beautiful sunset
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  5. What a beautiful sunset and so many great photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time, xo

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