Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Make A Wave

 Top Lowrys Farm | Shorts Reebok | Round Shades Istiulous

Hello! Long time no see. When was the last time I posted here? More than 2 weeks ago? I am so sad that I can't post every week. I have nothing to post.
But anyway, my weeks had been up and down. Some awful things happened but some beautiful things also happened. I am always trying to be positive about things even though it's really difficult. But everything happens for a reason, eaither it's a blessing or a lesson, right? I am just trying to be grateful for everything because a lot of people have a lot worse.
Maybe about two weeks ago, my friend and I went to Tanah Lot. There were so many people there so we couldn't really take pictures and we decided to go to a beach nearby. At first, the beach was kinda quiet and didn't look that pretty. But when the sun was setting, people were coming and the view was soooooo breathtaking!
I would love to lay down there and watch the sun sets but I couldn't do that because there are sooooo many dogs. And I am afraid of dogs.


  1. Aww beautiful! ♥ wonderful photos! I wish I could lay down on the beach. I may cuddle with dogs hah ♥

    Claudia, xx

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. :)
    I really like your blouse, so pretty.

  3. Very nice photos, love them!:)

  4. Great pictures, love them! :)

    - Nena

  5. What a lovely pictures dear!
    Happy weekend,

  6. Stunning pictures , I love your outfit and your sunglasses! I also think that everything happens for a reason although it's sometimes hard to find one. x

  7. Love the photooosss!! 😁 and thanks so muchhhhhh, yes i will follow u now! ❤

    Matilde Sunshine