Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gotta Go My Own Way

Oh, my God. I miss this blog so much! It's been 3 weeks I guess. My weeks are soooo not fun. The best part about it is I can watch anime, movies, or read comics after school. But at school? I better be locked at home all day than going to school.
Well, the school is fine but the people are just soooo asdfghjkl. I just feel I don't belong there. I just wanna graduate fastly.
Well, today was the last day of the first Try Out week. Can't wait for other Try Outs -_-
Okay, I complain too much. Fine, I'm gonna stop.
You know what? That hat is new lol. I finally found a place to buy that hat. People who wear that hat here are actually old men. I was asking to few people where to buy it and they gave me different answers. But when my Mum and I were walking in a market, I met an old man who sold it and I'm so happy! Yay for me! Cheerssss! xx

Photos by Madam
  1. Hat from a traditional market
  2. Button Up, Ninety Degrees
  3. Shorts, US
  4. Shirt, Trying Men
  5. Purse, a gift from Mum
  6. Tights
  7. Boots

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Homeless Heart

 Weather is being colder lately and it's almost raining everyday. I honestly don't really like cold and wet. I like warm weather. But not hot.
Being at home and just being lazy in your room, reading a book or watching movies are perfect for cold weather instead of going to school at 6.30 am and come home at 5 pm.
Senior year is just stressing me out!

Photos by Madam

  1. Cardigan, Ran Parishe
  2. Turtle neck
  3. Skirt
  4. Tights
  5. Purse, Selly's
  6. Shoes, Adorable