Saturday, March 30, 2013

Who's That Boy?

 Hey, guys! How was your Easter holiday? I'm posting this look while I'm in my hometown which is located in Ciamis. I'm on my cousin's house and borrowing his computer.
This look is all about vintage stuffs. I love vintage things and I'm obsessed with vintage style. It's just fabulous. I decided to post the picture of me and my friend which is also my photographer.
And... just FYI, I got a new phone. Yay! It's Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 which I've been wanting since a long time ago.
About the phone wallpaper... Hmm... That's Leon David. He's my fave fashion blogger. I just put his picture as my wallpaper because it's a really good picture.

Photos by Madam

  1. Grey Vintage Top from US
  2. Vintage Long Jeans from US
  3. Brown Vintage Belt from ISTIULOUS
  4. Eiffel Necklace from ISTIULOUS
  5. Floral Oxford Shoes from Adorable

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Love is You

Hello, guys! How was your week? Mine was fine :) I'm so excited about this looks because I love the morning sunshine. I love nature and green things even though my favorite color is yellow. But nature and green are just naturally beautiful.
"Green is the new pink," I like that sentence so much. Go green, guys! Lol. I know, I know it's a fashion blog. Not GreenPeace. Hahahaha
But it's not wrong to make a change! Don't forget to hype, fan, and love! :D

Photos by Madam

  1. Shades
  2. Green Apples Shirt (That was my Mom's :D)
  3. Stripes Shorts from US and I cut it myself
  4. Florish Centric Wedges from Adorable
  5. Bag from Two17
  6. Bracelets from ISTIULOUS

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Electric Shock

I know guys these looks are ridiculous. I even wanna laugh dressing like that. But I just wanna be different and I like weirdness, though. My friends were laughing at me during the photoshoot. People weirdly and curiously looking at me, especially kids! They stopped and watched me taking pictures. OMG! That was so embarrassing.
This place is cute, isn't it? It only takes a minute away from my house. So lucky that I live here. Many beautiful places in my neighborhood. So, no need to go out to find beautiful spots! :D

Photos by Toilet

  1. Little Hat from Sanya
  2. Sweater Skirt from US
  3. Belt
  4. White Tutu Skirt
  5. Double High Top Converse

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Anyone Else but You

Hey, guys! I took these photos after school. And the location is only few steps away from my house. And fortunately, this spot is beautiful so I decided to to use this place. It's like a place in England or something. Kinda old and amazing!
I think I'm gonna use this place often when I'm lazy to go out to take pictures :P
Well, hope you guys like this look and don't forget to hype plus... fan me if you don't mind! :D xx

 Photos by Toilet

  1. Tribal Cardigan by Atmosphere
  2. Yellow Dress
  3. Black Wedges Boots