Monday, December 30, 2013

Paris van Java 27/12/13

These are some pictures I took when my best friends (so sad my other best friend couldn't join us) and I hung out at the mall the other day. We ate some dim sum. Went to the theater to watch the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Oh, man. I hate it when Bilbo said “What have we done?” and it was just ending like that. After that we had lunch at Wakaka Korean restaurant. We ordered bibimbap. We bought some macarons. We went to a bookstore and I bought a novel titled the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.
And the last thing, I went to the Teddy House. I am totally craving for that giant teddy! It costs US$350 excluding the clothes. Can someone buy me that giant teddy? Imma love you forever!
Well, this is gonna be my last post on 2013. This year has been amazing. And hope 2014 will be much better. Amen.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Best Thing I Never Had

 This past a couple of weeks have been like a roller coaster for me. Ups and downs. But it's interesting tho. What is life without adventures?
So, it's finally holiday now! So excited even though I'm gonna spend my holiday at home. In my room, actually. Reading books, blogging, watching videos on YouTube, etc. But still, it's better than school.
The weather is being colder and colder. I don't like cold and wet weather. I need warmth.
I love this winter coat that my brother bought. He didn't actually bought it for me. So, he wanted to buy a coat, but it was a couple coat. So, when you buy one, you need to buy the other one. Since he doesn't have a girlfriend, so he decided to give the other coat to me.
HAPPY HOLIDAY! <3 br="" xx="">

Photos by Madam

  1. Flower Crown, DIY
  2. Coat, High Sierra
  3. Floral Dress
  4. Purse
  5. Stockings
  6. Shoes, Adorable

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Don't Walk Away

  This week has been pretty tiring and boring. Exam week. Blaaaah. Today exams were PE and Math. Exams on Saturday. Awesome, huh? But I'm trying to take the good side of everything. Because, on exam week, we're home earlier than normal weeks. So I can go home immediately and watch movies or reading books or just getting nap :D

Photos by Madam 

  1. Hat
  2. Sweater
  3. Skirt
  4. Tights
  5. Purse
  6. Shoes

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gotta Go My Own Way

Oh, my God. I miss this blog so much! It's been 3 weeks I guess. My weeks are soooo not fun. The best part about it is I can watch anime, movies, or read comics after school. But at school? I better be locked at home all day than going to school.
Well, the school is fine but the people are just soooo asdfghjkl. I just feel I don't belong there. I just wanna graduate fastly.
Well, today was the last day of the first Try Out week. Can't wait for other Try Outs -_-
Okay, I complain too much. Fine, I'm gonna stop.
You know what? That hat is new lol. I finally found a place to buy that hat. People who wear that hat here are actually old men. I was asking to few people where to buy it and they gave me different answers. But when my Mum and I were walking in a market, I met an old man who sold it and I'm so happy! Yay for me! Cheerssss! xx

Photos by Madam
  1. Hat from a traditional market
  2. Button Up, Ninety Degrees
  3. Shorts, US
  4. Shirt, Trying Men
  5. Purse, a gift from Mum
  6. Tights
  7. Boots

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Homeless Heart

 Weather is being colder lately and it's almost raining everyday. I honestly don't really like cold and wet. I like warm weather. But not hot.
Being at home and just being lazy in your room, reading a book or watching movies are perfect for cold weather instead of going to school at 6.30 am and come home at 5 pm.
Senior year is just stressing me out!

Photos by Madam

  1. Cardigan, Ran Parishe
  2. Turtle neck
  3. Skirt
  4. Tights
  5. Purse, Selly's
  6. Shoes, Adorable

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cash in My Pocket

I feel sick. My throat is really really sore. My tonsils are swollen. It hurt when I swallow something :(
I hope it'll get better soon.
Well,I tried to tie a little section of my hair but I looked ugly so I just went back to my normal hair. But I'm bored of my hairstyle. I feel like getting a new haircut but I don't know. I miss having bangs but I don't look good with bangs.
This is soooo confusing!

Photos by Madam

  1. Maroon shirt
  2. Plaid dress, Coffee Shop Lady
  3. Stocking
  4. Purse, Sally
  5. Oxford shoes, Adorable

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Driveway

 I love it when I had this photoshoot. This place is a little street beside my middle school. Oh, my God. The atmosphere felt soooo good. I miss middle school. I always miss my middle school friends. I miss middle school life. High school totally sucks. I hate it. I just do.
I think, the color of my shirt matched the wall. You know, this shirt is sooo big and it's for men but I bought it anyway because it's so cute!
And, has extra class for all seniors. So, every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have extra 90 minutes class. Blaaaaaaah

Photos by Madam

  1. Nerd Glasses, Istiulous
  2. Aztec Shirt, Trying Men
  3. Vintage Jeans
  4. Shoes, Adorable