Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Snorkeling Trip 07/05/15

Rawa Island
Tokong Burung Island.

Perhentian Kecil Island

On my last day of being 18, I took a snorkeling trip at some islands. I met some new people during the trip. First we went to Rawa Island. The corals and fishes were so beautiful. I always get excited every time I find Nemo a.k.a clown fish. They are just so cute. Rawa Island is a small island so nobody lives there. But many people come there to snorkel and dive.
After that, we went to Tokong Burung Island. The island is even smaller than Rawa Island but it's soooo beautiful. The sand is really white and there are so many birds.I guess that's why it's called Tokong Burung which means the Temple of Birds. I didn't really snorkel there. I just swam to the island from the boat and climbed to the top of the island. It's like a rock cliff.
The, we visited another island. I don't know what it's called. But like the previous island, instead of snorkeling I went climbing. The view from the top was really amazing. You can see the other islands from there and you can see the bottom of the clear ocean.
Only few steps from the beach, you already can see the fishes especially if you throw some bread to them.
Last but not least, we went to Perhentian Kecil Island. We went along the stairs and reached the top. At the top, we saw windmills that's used as the solar power.
It was really amazing! Totally in love with this earth <3 br="">

Friday, May 08, 2015

19th Birthday

 So, it's 1:11 am in Malaysia as I am starting to write this. Actually, I was about to post like an hour ago. I'm blogging at the lobby then some of my friends came to me lifted me up and threw me in the pool and they just ran away. So, I needed to come back to my room and get shower again.
Well, it's already May 8th here in Malaysia. May 8th is my birthday. Not yet actually because I was born on 11 am Western Indonesian Time (GMT +7) but still, it's already May 8th now.
In my 19 years of existence, being 18 was really complicated. So many things happened. Worrying about your future. Is it right for me? Why did I choose this major in uni? What will I be after I graduate from uni? What if I can't find a job?
But now I learn that sometimes we just need to let it flow. Regretting won't change anything. You can decide your happiness on your own. If you keep on regretting things and blaming yourself and hesitating the life you chose, how can you be happy?
I'm trying to be positive because the one who creates my own happiness is myself---and some external factors actually.
And, this is the first birthday that I don't celebrate with my family and my friends :(
But, it's okay. It's a new experience.

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