Saturday, March 30, 2013

Who's That Boy?

 Hey, guys! How was your Easter holiday? I'm posting this look while I'm in my hometown which is located in Ciamis. I'm on my cousin's house and borrowing his computer.
This look is all about vintage stuffs. I love vintage things and I'm obsessed with vintage style. It's just fabulous. I decided to post the picture of me and my friend which is also my photographer.
And... just FYI, I got a new phone. Yay! It's Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 which I've been wanting since a long time ago.
About the phone wallpaper... Hmm... That's Leon David. He's my fave fashion blogger. I just put his picture as my wallpaper because it's a really good picture.

Photos by Madam

  1. Grey Vintage Top from US
  2. Vintage Long Jeans from US
  3. Brown Vintage Belt from ISTIULOUS
  4. Eiffel Necklace from ISTIULOUS
  5. Floral Oxford Shoes from Adorable

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