Saturday, March 12, 2016

Uluwatu 08/03/16

 OMG! I miss blogging so much! Internship is really tiring. Working for 9 hours a day, 5 days in a week. Standing in heels for 9 hours staight. I feel sorry for my feet and legs.
My life has been like working and sleeping. I can't do much because usually after work, I get shower and sleep right away. And that's boring. I don't like doing the same routine everyday because it makes my life feels really flat.
But fortunately, my friend (the guy on the picture) and I had same day off. So, on Tuesday (our day off) we decided to travel around Uluwatu. It takes about 40 minutes from Legian by motorcycle. I knew the place from Pinterest so we went there. We didn't know the direction but thanks to Google Maps for the navigation.
First, we went to Suluban beach. It is sooooooo beautiful and breathtaking. I felt like I wanted to jump into the water right away or just sleeping under the sunshine and getting tanned. But we only had lunch with sea view. Ah, it was soooo relaxing.
After that, we visited Uluwatu Temple. It took a long walk from the entrance and it was sooooo hot. I was sweating like a pig but the view is ugh! so beautiful! Unfortunately, we couldn't enter the temple. It's only for praying. But that's okay.
Oh! I also met the fat monkey there. It was eating some snack and it looked so cute!
Have a nice weekend, everyone! xx


  1. Wonderful scenery!
    Nice purple kaftan!

  2. Loving your blog <3
    Would you like to follow each other on gfc? If you follow,let me know, i will follow back =))

  3. Divine, incredible and breathtaking photos! And yet you have such an amazing and genuine smile :)

    xoxo, Nastya Deutsch


  4. Great pictures! :)

    - Nena

  5. Incredible pictures, the beaches look perfect! I also really like your outfit, you're rocking that bohemian look! xx

  6. im jealous!
    i love these views! so pretty!

  7. Woow, what a beautiful place, and the photos are amazing! You look so pretty - really love your outfit :-)
    - I must say you deserve your day off - it seems to be really tiring work ... standing for 9 hours in heels must be very hard on your legs and feet!

    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs <3

  8. OMG I wish I will visit some day a country where are so hot, exotic and beautiful! In Europe is only cold around... ;/ Anyway, very nice pictures!!! You look so pretty ♥
    P.S. of course, we can follow each other, I'm number #107!! Now it's your turn, my dear!

  9. Wish I can visit Bali as fast as I can! Nice scenery, the monkey is also cute but since I had a bad experience with monkey, better to avoid them lol :))