Saturday, February 27, 2016

Safari Park Bogor 08/02/16

 Greetings from Bali! You might think it's cool, right, that I'm in Bali right now? Actually, it is. Kinda. Sorta.
I am actually here for my second internship. Bali is nice and everything. I've been here for 9 days, today and I'm gonna be here for six months. The thing is, I spend my days at work and on my days off, I can't really go out because I have no any transportation (the is no public transportation except taxi and ojeg which I think are kinda expensive) and I have no one to go out with.
Some of my friends are in Bali but they are pretty far and our days off are never the same. So, on my day off--which is today--I just stay in my room and be with my boyfriend, Robert a.k.a. my laptop.
But, move on. On Lunar New Year holiday, my best friends and I (and one of my best friends' family, too) went to a Safari Park in Puncak, Bogor. Normally, it is about an hour or two hour drive to get there but because it was a holiday, it took more than 8 hours to get there. We went at 8.30 am and we get there around 6 in the evening. That's why we could took many selfies an even my best friend could sleep on the driver's seat. But, luckily, we booked a room in a hotel and we spent the night there and went safari in the morning.
It was my second time there. My first time there is when I was in second grade and it was a school trip. I still remember at that time we couldn't travel much because it was rining. It was also raining this time, but not pouring.
I was so amazed by seeing the animals so closely. They are soooo adorable. I feel like I wanna take 'em all home.
Taman Safari Indonesia is not like a zoo. The animals are not in cage. They live freely and we ride in car so we can look at them from close. We can also feed carnivore animal but unfortunately we didn't bring any veggies :(
There are also animal shows! I watched dolphin and tiger shows. The dolphins were really smart and they were sooo cute! Next time I go there, I am gonna swim with them and get a kiss. And the tigers were also soooo cute! The keepers are awesome! They are not afraid of them and they act like friends <3 p="">
I wanna be a zookeeper too :D


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  2. These are really cute pictures, the safari sounds amazing. I once went on a safari in South Africa and I'll always remember it, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Oh and in terms of finding people to hang out with - have you checked out coach surfing? it is a pretty good website for connecting with people, I often use it when I'm travelling. ;) xx

  3. Great post! Lovely photos :)

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