Tuesday, August 08, 2017


 Leather Jacket ZARA | White Top ZARA | Stripped Pants Thrifted

Hello, friends (if you consider me as your friends anyways haha)! So, I was about to post yesterday night but the thing is I was home at around 7 pm and at 7:45 pm I planned to take a nap for an hour or two because I woke up early in the morning and only had few hours of sleep the night before. And... I ended up woke up at 10:45 this morning. I slept for 15 hours guyyyysssssss. That was insane. But I once slept longer than that actually.
When I woke up, I had really bad headache and my throat felt really bad. Taking too much sleep is not good, I think. I drank my med and feel a lot better now. I am actually really sleepy as I am writing this but I'll cope, lol.
So, this place is a Korean Restaurant that has really cute design. We felt like we were in Korea for real because they are also renting Hanbok. I was actually confused to categorize this post as outfit or photo diary. But I'll just use both labels and name it like an outfit post. The title is in Korean which means lovesick and that is Girls' Generation's song. I just feel like writing the title in Korean haha.
This place is really famous because it's cheaper than other Korean barbeque restaurants and we were the 12th on waiting list! We had to wait for 11 tables to finish! But it was fine because I used the time to take the pictures lol.
I actually have to wake up early tomorrow at 7:30 am. That's super early for me because I'm used to waking up at at least 1 pm and it's already 1:26 am now here! So I think that's it for now and...
Good night! xx