Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Better than Love

 Hey, guys!!! Oh my God, I just realized that I always start my blog saying "Hey, guys!" Hahaha. I think I need to change it but I don't what to replace it with.
So, since spring is starting--well actually there's no spring here because Indonesia is a tropical country--I think floral dress would be good. Floral mini dresses are just really spring and summer. Plus, I combine it with flower bag and tights and my floral oxford shoes. Tights make you a bit warm because it's spring, guys. Not summer.
I know I took my picture in the middle of the street but it was car free day! So, I can do whatever I want to there. Some people there were having aerobic. They looked at me with "what's this girl doing?" look. Ahahaha

Photos by Madam

  1. Black Denim Jacket, a gift from my cousin :D
  2. Floral Mini Dress, Boink
  3. Black Tights
  4. Floral Oxford Shoes, Adorable
  5. Flower Bag, Malioboro Street

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