Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Sweet 17th Birthday

I'm LEGAL now! I'm finally 17! 17 is the legal age here and I'm legal now. Legal to get married, drive, and anything! Ahahaha just kidding about the marriage. That's a joke that we always use here when we're getting 17.
There were a lot of surprises today! I'm just too happy!
Well, about the outfit, it's really like a ballerina because since I was younger I always wanted to be a ballerina and I still do. With the half brocade half tutu dress, tights, bun head and everything, I looked like a ballerina. Because, after the photoshoot, 2 people asked me, "Where did you dance?" "Do I look like a ballerina?" "Yup."
And during this photoshoot, I met one of my best friends that I hadn't met for a while.
I just wanted to dress in different way for my birthday post.
And for all of my friend who always made me happy, thank you so damn much for today! I love all of the surprises and presents and wishes and especially the video!
It's like the best birthday ever!
So grateful to have all of you guys in my life! <3 p="">

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