Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wedding Dress

 I'm getting married!!! Hahahaha! Just kidding! I'm being a model for my cousin's bridal. I know it feels kinda weird posting these photos on my blog. I feel embarrassed too. I use to wear casual outfit and have outdoor photoshoot instead of the studio one.
But it was a lot of fun. My cousins were there and so were my nieces and nephew! People were staring at me with strange look. Like, "What the hell? There's a bride in here?!" when we were having dinner.
The gown is a little bit too big for me. The makeup and hairdo were by my cousin, Teh Rena, the woman on the left who's wearing grey cardigan. But her sister, Teh Rani, is such a great makeup artist too. She's the one who always did my makeup on special occasions.

P.S.: I don't like my smiles on these photos. My cousins told me to smile like that -__-
P.P.S.: You should listen to Wedding Dress song by Taeyang Big Bang. It's great!

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