Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Better than Revenge

 Hey, guys! So this is my first night photoshoot. I usually take picture in the morning of afternoon and this is also my first photoshoot that I did in Bandung--a city where I study in for uni. I took these pictures on a skywalk in front on my campus with my friend, Madam.
The days are getting colder and colder. But it's not really cold here compared to Sukabumi--where I am from.
I am not a fan of cold weather but I honestly love winter outfits. They're just really cute. And I also like snow even though I never see nor feel it. But I just think it's beautiful.
Have a nice winter, guys! Xoxo

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  1. nice photo mix!

  2. So many lovely pics, girl! I love those denim shorts, you look great in them! Thanks for stopping by ;-) xoxo, have a wonderful December!

  3. Well someone definitely has fun! That's the spirit keep it as much as you can!:)

  4. great post! very cute pictures. looks like you ahd a good time :)
    let's follow eachother! let me know if you want to follow and I will follow you back :)