Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You Sound Good to Me

This is my first post in 2015! It's a new chapter, guy!
I've been kinda busy lately with college. It's fun yet really tiring. And I also have to face exams next week :(
I don't know but I really like this outfit. Well, I just basically like winter outfit. I didn't plan to take pictures with an umbrella but it was raining that day so I used it. And, I didn't know why my hair flew on that picture.
They are actually not knee high socks. They were tights that I cut but it doesn't look bad, right? XD

Beanie Vanqis | Jacket Twin Kids | Turtle neck US | Skirt US | Knee high DIY | Shoes Adorable


  1. Nice jacket! And your look is realy cool :))

  2. Great Post Dear! I am following you and following back if you like my blog :))) Kisses...

  3. so cool <3 love your skirt