Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Girl Who Can't Break Up, The Boy Who Can't Leave

 I know the title of this post is long but it's the title of the song that I've been listening a lot lately. It's an old song but it's good and I really like it. It's a Korean song and it's difficult to sing along with that song.
I think this is the first indoor photoshoot I ever did--except the ones in studio. It's Ramadhan and people are fasting and it's really hot outside so I decided to do the photoshoot inside of my dorm.
So yeah, this is my dorm. I got a triple. And it's pretty messy in here--just my side tho because the other two are tidy people.
Actually I was all sweaty because the temperature was about 33 degree celcius and it's not air conditioned. We only have a fan hanging on our ceiling.
Sometimes when I'm staying in my room, I feel like I'm steamed lol.

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  1. great blog!

  2. Fantastic outfit dear!

    Have a lovely month :)

  3. Great outfit! :)

  4. In love with the post, very entertaining.
    New post!