Saturday, September 26, 2015

Force of Nature

Hat Vanqis | Shirt Motherhood | Shorts DIY | Sandals Adorable

 Hello, guys! I am home! I got back to Indonesia on September 7th but I just got the time to post it tonight. I was really busy with university registration and anything. Also I had to catch up with the lectures because I took a week off.
It's really nice to be home--though I only stayed in Sukabumi for 3 day because I had to go to Bandung. But I've been home again since Thursday and I'll go back to Bandung again on Monday morning. My lecture starts at 4:30 pm so I don't have to go home on Sunday.
Even though it's nice being home, but I honestly really miss the island. Since I'm the kind of person who doesn't like crowded place, the island really fit but not the job. Bandung is a big city and the traffic is so busy. I really miss the peace and quiet in the island. But I'm so glad that I'm back to my family and friends! :D xx


  1. What a view! Totally jealous! 💟😍

    I'd love to follow each other!
    I'm fresh on blogspot. Can u tell me how to do this?
    Nice to meet u!

    Cheers, Claudia.

  2. Hello from Spain: nice pics... very fun. Keep in touch

  3. This photos look amazing !

  4. Gorgeous photos! You are adorable.

    Cec || Dearest Lou

  5. Beautiful photos, dear. And you look so chic.
    Love your blog. Would you like to follow each other ? Let me know
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  6. Such gorgeous pictures. I love your button down top.

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  7. great post
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  8. nice post!