Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cold Coffee

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 Hello, guys! It's Saturday night here and feel dizzy and really full like I'm about to throw up. I ate really lots of food. I had Korean seafood noodles, bulgogi kimbap, sirsak (soursop) juice, toast, and milk. Now, I feel like my stomach is about to explode.
 But, move on. I'm so excited about this post because I love cold weather--I can't say winter because we don't have winter here--outfit and Braga strees is one of my fave spots in Bandung. I went there with my housemate to help her doing her research.
Braga is an old street and it still has many Dutch old buildings. It's so beautiful there. Plus, I found this yellow spot! Yellow is my fave color so I really love it!
 I'm not a fan of greentea but lately I've been drinking this greentea from Circle K because the taste is more like milk and sugar with greentea flavour.


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