Saturday, December 26, 2015

Leave Your Lover

Blazer Elite | Dress Maison de Toiles | Thighs US | Handbag Yurie Nitani

Hello, guys! Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, but I know my outfit is Christmasy. I actually didn't do it on purpose. But I really like this outfit because I feel a little bit fancy in it haha! I've had that dress since years ago and it's always been my fave. Like a month ago, I found this burgundy blazer and it's also been my fave blazer since then.
I honestly didn't plan this outfit. This is an a la minute outfit because I didn't know what to wear at first. But it turned out well, right? And I also didn't plan to take pictures there but there I was... sometimes everything is perfect when we don't plan it, right? The door and the decoration matched me XD
Even though it's not cold here--it's like 23 degree celsius--but I love winter outfit and layers because like I said, it makes me feel fancy. I can mix and match few pieces of clothing into an outfit!
Anyway, I took these photos with my new lense! It's Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8. I really like it :D
Happy holidays, guys!

Photos by Madam


  1. I love this outfit, the dress is so cute! x

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  3. You look so cute!<3

  4. This is such a cute outfit! I love what you're wearing.

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    xo Azu

  5. Thanks for your comment!
    I really like your blog :)

    Nice Outfit!

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    Xx zarah

  6. Oh my, this outfit is just adorable! The dress is too pretty and I also love your blazer!

    Have a great week,

  7. what an amszing outfit! great!
    best wishes!

  8. Lovely outfit and your new lense is great!
    Stay in touch :)

  9. So cute, love your coat! ♥

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  10. Nice pictures, have a good day

  11. Lovely and fresh outfit. I see that you know what is important to look great, cool and unusuall!

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  12. Nice coat! :)

  13. Love your outfit, especially the pink coat looks very nice! :)
    Happy New Year, Isabella xx

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  15. What a beautiful outfit, you look so pretty and adore your coat color! so pretty!
    Happy New Year! My best wishes for you!

    XO, Melissa's Diary

  16. Love your outfit, the colours go so well together - it is just you!

    Wish you a Happy New Year :-)
    Hugs <3

  17. I really like your pictures! Especially your outfit :)

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