Saturday, February 23, 2013

Liberty Walk

Hey, guys! I’m so excited about this look because I’m totally in love with the turtleneck tee. I just love that so much. I found that knitted tee at the US. I’m so lucky to find that.
Plus, the photoshoot was so fun too. I did it with my best friends, Toilet and Aney. That place actually was a little street and someone’s house. I was taking picture in front of the house then the house owner came in so I said, “Can I take some photos on the stairs?” He said, “Sure,” and that happened. That was kinda embarrassing actually. Don’t forget to hype! :D

Photos by Toilet


  1. Brown Turtleneck Knitted Tee from US
  2. Brown Vintage Belt by ISTIULOUS
  3. Brown Floral Skirt from US
  4. Black Floral Socks
  5. Black Wedges Boots

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