Friday, January 25, 2013

Start of Something New

Hey, guys! So these are some photos of my photoshoot for my first look on LookBook. I did this photoshoot on Thursday, January 24th with my friends, Madam and Ambu. But I posted it on LookBook the next day.
The place where we took these shoots is actually kinda wild. Nobody else was there. Just us three. Me and my friends. We got many mosquito's bites. Our feet were all itchy and red. After the photoshoot ended, we went for meatballs!
Well, sorry if the pics are not that great. It was our first time doing that sooooo yeah. But... I hope you guys like this look, tho. And don't forget to hype and fan me! :D
Photo and make up by Madam 
Fake tattoo by Ambu

  1. Floral Headpiece, ISTIULOUS
  2. Knitted Sweater, US
  3. Black Tank Top, 3Second
  4. Shorts, US
  5. FLorish Centric Wedges, Adorable

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