Friday, April 10, 2015


I am in Malaysia!!!
So since March 11th, I am in Malaysia--Pulau Perhentian Besar to be exact--for internship with Arwana Resort. I'm staying here for 6 months.
Actually, it's really difficult to find Wi-Fi here. The only Wi-Fi is at the lobby and it's only for guests. So, it's 1.14 am now and I'm blogging sneakily because we need to wait till everyone--or at least the supervisors--is asleep so we can hang out at the lobby.
This island is beautiful. It's perfect for snorkeling, diving, canoeing, and also hiking. When I am tired of work, I usually just take a walk on the beach and lay down on the big stone. It's so refreshing.
Even though it's beautiful here, I miss Indonesia sooooo much!
And as you guys can see, I got a hair cut. I actually cut it before I came here.
Anyway, I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel last month but I forgot to mention it on my previous post. So, here it is! :D

Head Band Istiulous | T-Shirt Dad's | Shorts DIY


  1. Wow! Lovely place and beautiful photos! :))
    Amazing <3


  2. Lovely post and gorgeous photos, this looks like a beautiful location! x
    stop by sometime <3

  3. Wow! Amazing photos and place