Monday, January 25, 2016


I was about to post this last night but then suddenly my phone died (I used wifi from my phone). It happened so suddenly. It's still not working. I feel kinda lonely without it.
But move on, I love this outfit. It's like Korean Ulzzang style. My friend told me I look like a Korean with big eyes.
Honestly, last week had been really busy. We had food display for our final project. My group consisted me and my 3 other friends. It was scheduled on January 28th but my lecturer suddenly said it'd be held on 22nd. Our ingrediets just arrived on D-1 and there were a lot of things to do. We had to make cake decorations, show piece, petite fours, praline, plated dessert, and breads. We only had a day to make them. It was tiring. Even though my gruop didn't win, I feel relieved that 3rd semester is over.
And on January 15th, it was my friend's birthday and we came to her house and threw a little pool party. We also had sleepover and in the morning we went thrift shopping together. Hope you like the video!


  1. Your outfit is just amazing (as always), I love the jacket & the skirt together and I'm pretty jealous of your hair. ;) University sounds pretty stressful, the food you made sounds delicious, though. And it looks like you had a really good party, I love the video, it put me in a really good mood and I wish I could go swimming right now (it's a really sunny day but sadly it's only 6 degrees outside haha). x

  2. Lovely outfit!!:) I love your jacket:) X

  3. I'm totally in love with your hair. And you look so cute in that skirt.


  4. Nice outfit, love the head band!

  5. Nice outfit, I love your jacket

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  6. Amazing photos dear, you looking so cute!

  7. och, perfect outfit!
    Great shoes.
    LOVELY <3

  8. Hello beautiful, I just found out and I'm staying here.
    I'd like you pass by my blog, pure feelings.

    A hug.

  9. thanks for your comment <3
    you look beautiful! I love your jacket :)

  10. Thanks for your comment <3
    Lovely photos!


  11. Nice pictures!:)

  12. Love the poses, outfit, pic and the background! Everything is perfecto! Also you are too gorgoeus.

    XOXO <3