Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let's Get the Beat

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Let's Get the Beat is actually a Honda Beat commercial song but the scooter in these picture is a Yamaha Mio Soul. It's not an advertisement post or anything. I only used the scooter as the property.
This place is next to my friend's--not the friend on the photos--house. First time I saw it--which was years ago, I wanted to take picture there and I finally did it! The place is just so photogenic!
We took these photos on January 1st. It was a hot day and wearing that outfit made me sweat like a pig.
My friend and I do photoshoot together quite often but we never really took photos together unless selfies, but since she brought a tripod and the place is wide and nice, we decided to take pictures together.
I honestly can't drive motorcycle nor scooter. I am learning, though. I can ride bike well and I can keep my balance. But driving scooter or motorcycle kinda freaks me out because when I was in middle school, I tried to drive it but I ended up falling. Right now, I can only drive it on a straight empty road, hahaha. I hope I can drive it well and get a lisence. 


  1. Beautiful Outfit! :)

    - Nena

  2. How nice that you both were able to take pictures together--you both look so, so cute!

  3. Oh sweetie yout style is so cute!
    I love it your bag

  4. Qué maravilla de look, Isti!!! Me encanta!!!
    Un beso